Every Sunday we proudly host Open Mic nights with compare Jake Rees! We offer our stage to any performer who wants to showcase their talents on a real stage with professional lighting and high quality sound systems!  You could be a band, singer, poet or comedian! Anything goes... the stage is yours!

Make sure you also take advantage of our "Open Mic Earlies" DRINK OFFERS from 5PM - 8PM!!! Have a little bit of a musicians social before jumping on stage and take advantage of some fantastically cheap drink offers!!!

We also have warm food options available too! From delicious hot pork cobs to loaded fries! Checkout our menu to learn more!

All are welcome to attend, artists or lovers of live music! The bar is open and it is free entry all night long!

Have we gained your interest? You can learn more about our open mic nights on our open mic Facebook page! You can even message the page to book your spot to perform! Just search the username @RBNOpenMic or simply click the button below...