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In line with the COVID guidance, each table can have a maximum of six guests who must remain seated at their table (dancing in groups is not currently permitted by the COVID guidelines)

Booking multiple tables is NOT allowed.
Every single guest MUST track and trace individually, using the NHS QR code available throughout the venue or via our website Non compliance will result in refusal of service.

After 19.00 we have a strict “smart casual” dress code policy, we will not allow the following indoors or outdoors (please note this is not exhaustive, we reserve the right to decide if clothing is appropriate)

Scruffy footwear / scruffy trainers (air max, vapor max, etc)
Team colours (football/ rugby shirts)
Vest tops
Sportswear/tracksuit bottoms
Cap or hats

Masks or appropriate facial PPE are to be worn in the venue unless you are sat at the table. (Entrance, exit and washrooms visits.)

You must remain seated at your designated table for your entire visit, unless using the washrooms.

You must not approach the bar, there will be team members taking your orders from your table.

Any pre order packages MUST be paid in full on arrival if your table.

Afternoon sessions expire at 17:00.

Contactless payment is preferred however, cash payments will still be taken.

The volume of the music and guests must comply with e current COVID 19 guidelines, this means that the music will not require you to raise your voices above normal levels, this also means that we cannot accept people shouting or raising their voices as it is known to increase the risk of aerosol transmission of COVID 19.

Anyone who is unwilling or unable to comply with these conditions on arrival or during the time they are at the venue will be asked to leave, this is to ensure that ALL guests can enjoy the venue and the entertainment in a pleasant and safe environment.

If you do not arrive within 20 minutes of the booking time we will reserve the right to release the table.

During these uncertain times, should the venue be forced to closed all event tickets will bee refunded within 7 days of closure.

 By continuing with this booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.